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News and views of Bangladesh community in Sydney

Shafeen Mustaq

Entry Date: 15-Mar-2011

Entry Date: 24-Jan-2011

Entry Date: 15-Oct-2010

Microcredit, the Middleman and the
Modern woman
Shafeen Mustaq

Entry Date: 7-May-2010

Bangla Loko Mela 2010 Shafeen Mustaq

The Bangladeshi Australian Welfare Association (BAWS) hosted a mela (cultural fair) at Seddon Park in Glenfield on Saturday 27 March 2010. The event was a well organised and fun filled fare for families and friends of all cultural backgrounds...Details...

Entry Date: 12-Apr-2010

Fear of a Brown Planet
Finding the funny in difference

Entry Date: 2-Apr-2010

Yielding to the Magic of Prof Yunus
Shafeen Mustaq

Entry Date: 12-Mar-2010

Entry Date: 29-Jan-2010

Entry Date: 7-Sep-2009

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