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I lost my father in early 1983, and with the passing away of my mother in March 2010 in Bangladesh, I have lost my moral compass and in fact my final reference system. Even now, when I am making an important family decision, I often think what my mother would have thought about this if I told her. It seems I will never get over her loss and living away from her made it a little more difficult for me. This is partly because there is always a sense of guilt, at least I felt it, at having spent such a long time away from her in her old age (she died at age 92) and partly because it takes a lot longer to go through the period of mourning, as here in Sydney in our natural environment, I am not helped every day to remember that she has passed away, as I would be if I had lived close to her in Bangladesh.

Despite living in Sydney with my immediate family for more than half my life, I think my true home is where I was born, my village and origin in Bangladesh, where I grew up, educated, and most importantly socialized; and where my friends and relatives are, and of course where my parents are resting in peace. One day, I may permanently return to my roots, to my near and dear ones, and join my ancestors to complete the circle. May Allah keep us all healthy, safe and well, and my native land (Bangladesh) in peace and harmony, always.

Helal Morshedi, Sydney, Aug 2019

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