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I got really overwhelmed reading the article ‘Looking Back’ by Muhammad Alamgir. His aspect of writing is totally different from others. He did not say a single word about his achievements here in Australia, but rather the achievements of distinguished Bangladeshis who have been working relentlessly to empower the community through their various philanthropic works.

I could not agree with him more about the characterization of us Bangladeshis he has portrayed in his article. He has said, “to claim distinction in the society “We”:
1) take issues with claim to leadership, place of birth etc.
2) execerate educational qualification, seniority in age, position at work, family connection,
value of their assets etc.
3) sneak into the personal details of everyone near and far.

I loved the article. Thank you very much Mr. Muhammed Alamgir.

- Reaz Haque

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