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Mr. Faruk Choudhury’s tale of coming to Australia and its aftermath serves as an enlightenment for the Bangladeshi diaspora in Australia. His and the previous accounts in this series of Bangladeshi migrant stories provide fascinating insights into the Australian society, in seventies and eighties, and the emerging Bangladesh community during that time in Australia. Their experiences could be quite different from those of the migrant generations in nineties and thereafter.
Mr. Choudhury’s English write-up is lucid and delightful to read, and thoroughly enjoyable. I would like to reproduce his thought at the end of his tale:

“In these twilight years of my life, I dream every night of the familiar places and people of my childhood. These places I can still visit but the places themselves have changed beyond recognition. The people I remember are no longer there. May be this is what life is all about!”

- Faruk Kader

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