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The sunny side of life
Mostafa Abdullah

All of us sometime or other come across situations that we reminiscence later with a smile. It is even better if one is able to share that smile with others. Following is a collection of some of the amusing anecdotes that I came across in my real life. Let me share it with you for a share in your smile.


A middle aged gentleman in his shorts and singlet came out of the Dr. Syed Farabi’s (GP) room with a script for blood tests in his hand. Not seeing the medic anywhere around to give his blood sample, he yelled ‘where is the vampire?’


Each time the new Trainee returns from a client visit, my daughter asks him if the meeting had gone OK. ‘How was it this time?’ she enquired, as he entered the room. The trainee hesitated and seemed a bit embarrassed. ‘Something may have gone wrong’ she thought and wished to know whom did he meet this time. The trainee replied ‘there were two others in the toilet; I do not know who they are’.
This time the trainee wasn’t returning from a meeting but from the Men’s room.


The train stopped at a station on way to the city on a Sunday afternoon. A young couple got on board and came across another couple that they knew from beforehand. The incoming couple asked ‘Hey, you guys are still in love?’ The other replied ‘no, we are married now’.


While addressing the audience at the end of a performance tour of Bangladesh, the famed Indian play writer and director Habib Tanvir said ‘Bengalese are too good. They will love you so much, you cannot imagine. They will love you and feed you, feed you and feed you, and feed you to your death’.


As a passing gesture I once asked the well known painter Qayum Chowdhury as to how he had been. With a somber smile and a deep sigh he said he had saved enough money at the ripe old age of his and bought himself a car and also could afford to have two eggs every morning for breakfast. He dreamt of a smooth sail in life henceforth. Just when the Doctor shattered his dream by prescribing that he needed to walk more and not to ride the car so often in order to combat diabetes and should avoid eggs by all means to ward off cholesterol in the blood!


The young press photographer while shooting pictures of Moulana Bhashani on his 90th birthday said he hoped to take Moulana’s picture on his 100th birthday too. The Moulana is said to have smiled and replied; he would be glad to see him again, if the young photographer survived that long.

The End.
But keep on smiling.
Just as much as you need that smile, others who see you need it more.

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