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My visit to Haven
Md. Masudul Huq

I had seen the names of these places like Bateman Bay, Shoal Haven in different tourist guide. I had a curiosity to see those places to have an idea. One day my son told me that he would like to go to Narooma with all of us, his wife, mother, my grandson and myself. I am a migrant here and I like to see different places as I travelled many places of east and west. I like to travel in hilly places and valleys. If there is water around that is an added attraction.

He had 3/4 days holidays including Saturday and Sunday. So he booked an apartment for our accommodation in Narooma. Before the day of departure we packed everything which will be required there. It was a sunny day. We started in the morning and reached Narooma in time. Our accommodation was nice; in the first floor of a two story building. There is a swimming pool and tennis ground in front of the building. A club building was also near the apartment where members of the club come every evening for recreation.

We settled in our accommodation and came out for sightseeing. By the eastern side of our accommodation there are cottages for small families. In the ground floor also there was a fisherman family who came there with fishing boat. Every morning at 3 am they used to go out for fishing and return at around 2pm. It was a beautiful place having water very near. Lots of fishing boats were at rest around and have returned after catching fish. While I was walking near these boats I found fishes were moving in water which is very clean and transparent. Some fishermen were taking rest in their boats and some fisherman were repairing their equipment in the fishing trawler. We came back in our accommodation to play lawn tennis and swimming. I am a good a swimmer but my son is not. Thatís why everyday he used to do some practice in the pool. I used to help him and my grandson with swimming.

Next Day we went to different spots near Narooma. Those locations are really very nice. Lot of people came to see and enjoy the beauty of different sea beaches on their holidays. Some families are living in short temporary tent for a number of days. But the authority constructed permanent bathroom facilities there. Since it was shallow water children were swimming along with their parents. This was really nice to see.

In the afternoon we left this location and went to Narooma beach. It is a long beach not far from our accommodation. When we reached there my son wanted to have the thrill of driving on the beach. All on a sudden he started to drive through the beach without asking me anything. Just 100 yards away from us his jeep got struck in sand and he could not get it out with all his skills. A group of 7/8 people were passing by they tried to help but could not move it. I became very worried as the sun was about to set.

Finding no other alternative I asked my son to inform our accommodation owner to bring the matter to the knowledge of police station .Within a short time police came with their normal patrol car. They were sitting in their car and observing our actions. One local gentleman came with his jeep and chain. He tried to pull it out but couldn't do it. In the mean time police recorded name, address and other particulars of my son. We were waiting anxiously as water was rising. Police completed their investigation and told us that our landing to beach was illegal as we donít have any permission. My son told it was not in our knowledge and no notice also was seen by him on shore. Police finally told that a fine slip would be issued for this illegal action.

Police then got down on the beach with their patrol car and towed the jeep on the shore within five minutes. We all clapped and praised police for their success in recovering the vehicle. We returned to our apartment after thanking police. That was a great relief for all of us. After a few days we got the double demerit slip from the authority. Our haven visit was safe but for our ignorance about beach landing was worrisome for that time.

All rules and regulations were made for the interest and benefit of the people. Some are very careful and follow it and some are careless. Careless people have to pay for their action. Adventure may bring good result when it is accompanied with the knowledge.

Md. Masudul Huq, Woodcroft, Sydney

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                            Published on: 8-Oct-2015