News and views of Bangladeshi community in Australia

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Thank you martin, what a wonderful composition it is!

You have articulated all of our inner feelings, love, spirit and dream about our country. I wonder how could they think like this sensitive issue so abruptly.

Nationality is our Birth connection; our inherited right. How dare they are trying to abandon us. They cannot. You have so nicely depicted that they are afraid about our will force and they are afraid about our expectations. I like your statement "Bangladesh is the land of all possibilities".

Physically we may not be there, we all have strong bondage that we own it, we love our motherland, no one can take that away.

I appreciate you for your wonderful feelings about our country and taking such initiatives to organize us towards our birth connections. Bangladesh is ours, no matter where we are, we are all connected and working hard to make a difference. We all have a stake - we are aware about that.

Thank you Martin once again for your valiant intake.

Best wishes,


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