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Report on Annual General Meeting 2019

The Tenth Annual General Meeting of the organization was held on 27 October 2019 at 65 Spurway Street, Ermington between 3.00 PM and 5.00 PM.

The Secretary Mr Rafiq Hasan welcomed members present and opened the meeting with his annual report. The President presented his report next. The Treasurer presented the Financial Report. Mr Rafiq Hasan proposed to accept the report which was seconded by Mr. Farouk Choudhury. The members present unanimously accepted the Financial Report 2018 - 2019. Members appreciated Mr Kamrul Islam’s effort in preparing the Financial Report free of charge.

As per agenda, the proceedings of the meeting followed. The scholarships set-up procedures as well as management processes were discussed in details.

• Selection process of the scholarship recipients was also discussed elaborately. Following process was explained to the members present. Grameen Shikkha provides a short list of candidates to the committee; double the number of scholarships given in a particular year. Committee then decides the final list based on four strict selection criteria: 1. Very poor Bangladeshi parents who can’t support expenses of college education of their child and without our help further education would stop after SSC. 2. The candidate is reasonably a good student but may not be in the top grade (GPA 3.50-5.00). 3. Non-discriminatory selection process of candidates regarding religion, cast or ethnicity. 4. Equal number of male and female students is eligible from science, arts, commerce and technical subjects. Committee faces a real dilemma in selecting the students because all of them equally deserve.

• President Mr. Nazrul Islam read some emails/letters that was sent to GSGA by the direct beneficiaries of this program. These letters show gratitude of those students, their humble expression of how the funds opened new windows and ultimately allowed them to be independent in their lives through successful completion of HSC and beyond.

It was discussed and agreed that more fundraising efforts are required to increase the number of scholarships as every year number of applications are increasing and unfortunately, we can only offer about 20 scholarships from our ongoing available funds.

It was proposed that members will make their next generation contacts (relatives/friends’ children etc) to brief and inspire to be future donors on such benevolent works and after that sometimes in end of 1st quarter or in 2nd quarter GSGA will conduct a meeting followed by some motivational documentary/interviews of direct beneficiaries of scholarship program to make future generation/donors/sponsors understand the benefits and long lasting contribution to Bangladeshi communities and economy as a whole. This venture can assist to make them joining the program to continue it in long run. The current Executive Committee members.

1. The President: Mr. Nazrul Islam
2. The Vice- President: Mr. Fakhruddin Chowdhury
3. The General Secretary: Mr. Rafiq Hasan
4. The Assistant General Secretary: Mr. Riad Azad
5. The Treasurer: Mr. Reza Hossain
6. The Members: a) Mr. Shazid Alam
b) Vacant

Members present: The above persons plus – Mosharaf Hossain, Amatul Manna, Sabrina Hasan, Runa Laila, Hanif Hawlader, Farouk Choudhury, Jasmine Choudhury; Apologies – Ria Mizan, Monirul Islam, Nazma Rahman, Mosharoff Hossain, Kamrul Islam, Hasan Sarwar, Mashreka Sarwar.

Riad Azad
Assistant General Secretary
GSG Australia Incorporated

November 4, 2019

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