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Arifur R Khadem Wrote:

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It`s not new to some people in our community. It`s just one of the examples. Likewise, they always create scenes on various occasions, which are laughed at by others who are not used to such activities. That`s why, I wrote two articles in "Shomoyer Mullo" and "Curry in a Hurry" which were widely welcomed by many readers. The amount of response I received from readers clearly indicated that nobody was favouring these kinds of activities, behaviours or attitudes. I should say that not many people are of these kinds, it`s a very few individuals who pollute the whole atmosphere in a moment, but the stain is permanently written on the forehead of the whole community. All are ashamed as a result of some people involved. We all should believe and remember that it doesn't cost anything to change this culture but it may cost a lot when the whole community pays for it. Finally, I must thank the writer for general awareness to public.

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Arifur R Khadem

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