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Hasneen Jahan Wrote:

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I have just read your article on Bangla-Sydney. I agree with your opinion. I am not an Australian citizen. I came here for study and saw a huge bangali community. But when I see the culture and mentality of some Bangladeshis I feel disappointed. There is huge lack of proper etiquettes. I heard from some people that Bangladeshi people can`t drink, thats why they can`t adjust or build communication with the mainstream society. But I think this is a lame excuse. The problem is they don`t know how to show the manners in workplace and cultural functions. Drinking is not an essential for this. Obviously I am not talking about all Bangldeshis here. There are some delicate persons as well. But majroty represents the society! Thanks for this article.


Hasneen Jahan
PhD Candidate

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