News and views of Bangladeshi community in Australia

Anayet Luhit Wrote:

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Thanks very much for extraordinary article, I have noticed that other functions Bangladeshi breach the manner, They do not want to show ethics just want to use the power for example i am leader of this group. Once at Martin Place i was in the line to take out money from ATM and behind me one of the NSW powerful politician was waiting and i offered him to go first but he did not go. Look at them and at look us!!!

I have seen some Bangladeshi they introduce themselves as a Indian even though they were not born here. I do not understand what makes them happy if they say i am Indian....

One foreigner told me one day i really like Bangladeshi but one thing i do not like so i said what? He mentions, i have seen Bangladeshi when they see any other Bangladeshi they show attitude and smartness and do not want to talk to each other.

We really need to talk about this kind of issues.


Anayet Luhit

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