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Clean-up Bangladesh Day – Congratulations!

It is so inspiring and exciting to learn about the initiative in the 6th of February, the Clean-up Bangladesh Day. This is a tremendous beginning for a nation that has so much to clean-up; why not at least start with rubbish clean-up?

The concept of Clean-up Australia Day is quite old now and has been a very successful initiative. Last year more than half a million people (out of only 23millions) have participated the Day, which has been the first Sunday of March every year. I trust the Bangladeshi initiative will also see successes. Since an initiative of this magnitude requires planning, logistics, support and participation, to be continuing and sustainable, I’d like to offer a few suggestions:

- Secure corporate sponsorship and corporate involvement;

- Involve educational institutions as the key driving force; children are great in educating their parents;

- Collaborate with Clean-up Australia Day organisation (, who have a lot of experience and might be able to offer support, suggestions and funding;

- Establish partnerships with rubbish recycling industry as a potential ‘buy-back’ or ‘purchase’ of the rubbish collected; and

- In case the 6th of February each year is not found suitable for the Day then it could be the first Saturday of February each year, as a weekend might suit everybody better?

If I can, I’d also love to join this on at least one occasion in Bangladesh, as I do each and every year here in Australia since 1996.

Thank you.

Swapan Paul, Sydney (
[A volunteer Convenor of Bangladesh Environment Network, Sydney]

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