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Attention all Australians
Beware of Scammers - 2
Arifur Rahman Khadem

Over a couple of years ago, I wrote an article on the same topic warning Australian residents of staying away from scammers. Anyone can easily step into their trap at any time if precautions are not taken. At that time, I learned from a number of my readers that they were being tempted to pursue their proposals in good faith. Unfortunately, a large number of Australians already got cheated financially.

Now a days again, you may be receiving calls from 02 9099 5646 from the company called Injury Specialist Direct or similar name. If you incidentally end up receiving such a call, just ignore it without further wasting your valuable time and block this number on your phone. Although the landline number indicates a Sydney based number but it is an Internet generated number handled from UK. Over the past few days, this number rang my mobile at least 10 times and every time I tried to receive it, no one was there to respond it. When I rang back, mostly no answer or I was put on hold. Because Internet randomly generates hundreds of those calls. This is one of the first reasons to consider it a scam.

Today, they called me again and I managed to receive it. The lady asked me if we had any accident over the past 12 months. If we had, each one of us in the family would get 30,000 to 50,000 as a compensation even if we suffered mentally during or after the accident. As I asked her for the name of the company she was calling from, she said she was from an Australian Government Department helping people get their compensation. She confirmed she received our information from an insurance company. I simply pretended and said, yes we had an accident. I also asked about any fee they would charge us. She replied no. Only the lawyers involved in the case would charge 25% of the total money. Then she put the call to a guy to discuss further about the claim. Both these guys had British accent. The lady had really poor English. I asked him for their company's address in Australia. He replied that for the security reason he would not be able to share it. Initially, I thought it was a genuine company as a truck with a long trailer a few months ago slightly hit my car in the dark leaving some scratches and I reported it to the police immediately. My family was in the car at that time. So, I was under the impression that they were possibly referring to that. They also knew my residential address and surname. So anyone can easily fall into their trap before they understand anything.

As the guy refused to disclose their address, I was quite sure that it was nothing other than a scam. While being on the phone with him, I put the number 02 9099 5646 on Google Search and discovered that a lot of people had been on the same boat lately. Probably, not many Australians have already been financially tricked or deceived as it is just a brand new scam that has come to my attention. I insisted on getting their address but he kept refusing. He was not happy about it. During the conversation, both the people in their absence of minds kept calling pounds in the first place, then repeated with dollars. This also clarified where they were calling from. People working in Australia would never utter any currency other than dollars. I also found a lot of inconsistencies in both their information. I asked the guy if they were working for a Government organisation and he said no but the lady said yes. In addition, I told the guy about people's comments or reviews left Online about the calls coming from their number claiming it a scam. He got irritated and rude. He started arguing. If he was from a genuine company, he would not have any issue disclosing their identity. At the same time, he could not be unprofessional under any circumstance. He possibly thought he got a genuine client to rip off but it was nearly resulting in vain. Then I simply hung up on him.

Please read through the link below to learn how people were tricked and lost a lot of money. This is my other article published on a few years ago. Please let your friends know by sharing this message before they lose financially.

Beware of Scammers - 1

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                            Published on: 5-May-2017