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Actors and Extras wanted

Aryans is an independent film that will be filmed in Sydney and India. Aryans deals with the theory of the Aryan race that was created while the British empire was in India.

The movie is directed and produced by Anmol Mishra who has contributed to Life In a Day and whose first film Romancing Sydney has won multiple awards.

The following actors/extras are needed.

2 Tamil speakers - one male, one female. Young and good looking.
1 Sikh male - Punjabi speaker with the Sikh beard and turban.
1 Muslim male - Urdu/Hindi speaker with a beard.
1 Bihari male - Urdu/Hindi speaker with moustache (can be fake moustache).
2 punkawallas - an older lady and a teenage child with appealing wide eyes.
1 sabjiwalla - a male extra who wears a pugree and sells fruit to the gora sahib. Can speak in Hindi/urdu or bengali.
1 lady buying vegetables - a south asian lady who speaks bengali or hindi/urdu.

Everyone has to be skinny - as this is set in a period of famine.

Please contact:

Anmol Mishra

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