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“Your Land will Eternally Glow”
Abed Chaudhury

To Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on his birthday, 2021

You knew how to turn land water and wind
Mix it with human dream; shake it in a bottle of history
And create out of this mixture, a Nation, a Map , a Geography.
Such was your skill that like a wizard you created what was thought impossible,
Bengal’s ancient wish to be free.

Freedom at last after a long track in history
When your people were shoved from door to door;
Their meagre income looted; words stripped away from their voice;
Their food, grains, fibre taken away along with their melodious songs;
Many times through history;
Leaving them with nothing except for an enduring dream
To be Free.

So let me sing for you remembering your birth;
Remembering the time when you lived and led;
So little time and then you too bled
Like your people did before you took them to the promised land.

From the glaciers of the Himalayas to the blue waves of the Bay;
Golden Bengal remembers you;
Forever like the grand water of Padma and Jamuna will always flow
Your land will remain; forever beautiful
And will eternally glow

ড. আবেদ চৌধুরী, ক্যানবেরা

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