News and views of Bangladeshi community in Sydney

Ochin Pakhi
Abed Chaudhury
(A Tribute to Fakir Lalon)

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Is it then karma that one day the soul-bird will not return to my body;
Abandoning this cage she値l fly to the freedom of the woods; its foggy drizzle;
Its canopy of moss; its blue maze;
The bird will fly with all the memories
Of my shadowy nights;
And forgotten days,
To a far-away wood, beyond the forked road of fate.
As I stand waiting at destiny痴 invisible gate.

If I ever catch that bird again; I wont let her leave;
I値l chain her feet with fibres of my soiled root;
From such ties will emerge shoots of todays green;
and magenta blooms of tomorrow痴 sky
If I ever catch her again; I wont let her fly.

I値l get the northern wind to come with memories of past;
Feeding the moon as clouds make it rust;
With torrents of midnight shower l値l drink my sorrow
Bringing in lights first crimson morning
Placed on my battered soul at last
The bird will sing; I値l sing.

                            Published on: 24-May-2010