News and views of Bangladeshi community in Sydney

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I think, Nazmul's write up should serve as an eye opener to the aspirants of owning a flat in Dhaka or whoever is thinking about developing his land.

My family has a plot of land at Rayer Bazzar and recently, we and our neighbours engaged a developer to build 8 story building on a combined plot of 10 kathas. I was not willing to undertake this but I gave in to the aspirations of my family members and my neighbours with whom we have lived as close relatives since we purchased the land. I was always skeptic about the availability of power and gas to power this multistoried building and the traffic jam it would create.

I met my school mate, Taqsem Ahmed, MD, WASA, recently in Sydney. I was told unofficially, they will probably not give new connections. Laughingly, he mentioned Dhaka will be declared abandoned in may be ten years time.

I don't have any fascination of living in Dhaka any more, if I have to live my last days in the land I was born. My ancestral village is at Bhagyakul, one hour's drive from Dhaka. Developers' expansion is not far away from Bhagyakul.

I wish sanity prevail with the developers and we resort to sustainable living.

Faruk Kader
Senior Planning Engineer
Infrastructure Coordination
Queensland Urban Utilities

                            Published on: 2-Dec-2010