News and views of Bangladeshi community in Sydney

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In Sydney, we, Bangladeshis, organize various seminars and discussions, usually on political issues. How often, we ask ourselves ``who have created a ghetto out of Dhaka?`` Nazmul has taken a historic step to open our eyes, so that we can clearly see the destructive changes that took place in Dhaka in recent years.

What Nazmul concludes may not happen overnight, but he has exposed the weaknesses in the planning and development process. My discussions with Bangladeshi engineers and architests in Sydney have been fascinating! Almost none of them can see any problem with the ``remarkable`` job done by the town planners and builders in Dhaka!

Have we ever asked for accountability from the bunch of planners, officials, developers, politicians who were involved in ``unlawful and unsustainable planning`` for years and made millions out of these policies?

It is time for Bangladeshi community in Sydney to condemn the bad planning and development in Dhaka.

We might invite Nazmul and others to re-educate us through seminars and workshops about the penalty we will pay for creating a messy capital in Bangladesh.

Thanks Nazmul for well-written articles on ``Bubble-Burst`` in Dhaka.

Dr. Maqsud Omar

                            Published on: 1-Dec-2010