News and views of Bangladeshi community in Sydney

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Dear Anisur Vai,

I liked the writing of Mr. Nazmul Ahsan Sheikh. Currently I have been living in Canada for last 6 + years. When I landed here, I never could think this country is going to be my country. Always I had a dream to go back to Bangladesh and eat Bangladeshi food and stay with my relatives and friends. After struggling for 5+ years now I have started to think that I should have an accommodation in Dhaka. I have no one in Dhaka where I could stay for couple of days to do the administration! Being a woman and two daughter’s mother could never think to live in a hotel!

What an immaculate topics he presented in your publication! I have a heart burning for not being able to invest the savings to Bangladesh and pain to think the money to invest here in Canada. We migrate to different country to get ensured of Onno, Bostro, and Basosthan. But what a game! In my own country I can not afford to buy accommodation whereas with the same money in Canada I can buy two apartments!
I really liked your publication with more other topics like “Protiti, Borshoboron , Mita Haque ebong Amra.”
Valo thaken apni, abong sofol hok apner e prochesta !
Onek onek shuvokamona roilo!

Akhtar Jahan

                            Published on: 25-Oct-2010