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Dr. Geoffrey Davis passes away

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Dr. Geoffrey Davis, an Australian doctor, who helped thousands of Bangladeshi women raped by the
Pakistani Army during the Liberation War in 1971, has passed away in Sydney on Friday 3-Oct-2008.

Dr. Geoffrey Davis visited Bangladesh in 1972 to help the victims with abortion and to assist the management of war babies. He also helped thousands of women who contacted venereal disease and developed complications due to trying indigenous methods of abortion.

This is great loss for the grateful people of Bangladesh. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his bereaved family.

The funeral of Dr Davis will be held at 1 pm on Monday the 13-Oct-2008 at the Roockwood Crematorium. Bangladeshi Community is welcome to attend Dr.
Davis's Funeral in order to pay tribute to his noble departed soul.

Photo: Dr Geoffrey Davis, in Bangladesh, 1972

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