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News and views of Bangladesh community in Sydney

Writer of this rhyme (chhora) is not the president of BBP. They have similar names but they are two different people - Webmaster
Entry Date: 10-May-2007

Entry Date: 10-Apr-2007

Entry Date: 5-Apr-2007

Other writings of Dr. Abdur Razzaque
Entry Date: 31-Mar-2006

Entry Date: 28-Feb-2006

Other poems...
Entry Date: 4-Sep-2005

Other poems...
Entry Date: 21-Aug-2005

Entry Date: 14-Jul-2005

Entry Date: 10-Jun-2005

Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Marketing of The University of New South Wales.
Entry Date: 22-Feb-2005


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