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Date: 6/1/2006
Lakemba Bangla School
Lakemba Bangla School held its Annual General Meeting on 21-May-2006.
A new committee has been formed. Details...

Date: 6/1/2006

Date: 6/2/2006
Indonesian Earthquake Appeal
A powerful earthquake struck Indonesia on Saturday 26-May-2006. Thousands are made homeless. Urgent help is needed. To make a donation please visit Caritas Australia Website... Sent by Afsar Ahmed

Date: 6/5/2006
Fellow 69 Welfare Club
All friends who passed their HSC in 1969 please forward your name, contact details & e-mail address to the undersigned to become members of the Fellow 69 Welfare Club       Details...

Date: 6/6/2006
G e r m a n y
World Cup Soccer 2006

SBS will show the Opening Ceremony from midnight
9-Jun-2006 (Sydney time) live from Munich.
SBS Tv Guide...     Final on 10-Jul-2006
The Greatest Show on Earth (Nawshad Shah)     Wall Chart...

Date: 6/6/2006
The Man Behind the James An College
I had the opportunity to listen to Mr An, James An, at an education seminar organised by Dr. Abdul Haq at Parramatta MRC on 27th of May...details...

About Selective Schools...       About James An College...

Date: 6/6/2006

Other articles by Ashis Bablu /

Date: 6/8/2006

Date: 6/10/2006

Date: 6/11/2006

Date: 6/12/2006
Memoir of Beli
Hasina Banu (Beli) died in a car accident in Broken Hill on 12-Jun-2002. Her husband Tabibar Rahman wrote a poem on her fourth anniversary.     Please click here...

Date: 6/18/2006

Glenfield Community Centre / 18-Jun-2006, Sunday / 9:00 AM $daystogo(2006-06-18)

Date: 6/21/2006
Fida Haq`s Art Exhibition
`Of Angels and Chariots`
21 June - 1 July, CHRISSIE COTTER GALLERY, Pidcock Street

Date: 6/22/2006
Message from Rajshahi
Dear Visitors, My father passed away on the 12-Jun-2006. So I rushed back to my home in Rajshahi. I was `lucky` to get home in time to attend my fathers burrial. I want to express my heart felt gratitude to Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra and some close friends who made it possible. I`ll be back to Sydney on the 13-Jul-2006. Unfortunately I wont be doing any major updates to this site till then. I am sure you will understand
- Anisur Rahman, your webmaster from Rajshahi, 22-Jun-2006

Date: 6/25/2006